Kathy Greene

     Kathy grew up in Tampa Bay and graduated from the University of Florida.  She began her career in management with Maas Brothers Department Store at a time when customer service was paramount.  It was easy to respond to a customer's needs because you simply did the right thing and then some.  Today Kathy believes in treating her clients the way she wants to be treated.

In her mid twenties, much to her parents dismay, Kathy signed on as a tutor for a fourteen year old and crewed aboard a 46 foot sailboat while traveling throughout the Caribbean. She lived on the Rio Dulce river in Guatemala and met business people, artists and designers who influenced her love of vibrant colors, textures and soulful spaces.  Her spirit of adventure is present when encouraging clients to tell their stories by displaying treasures from their past in their homes.

When Kathy returned to Tampa Bay, she became Executive Director of The Pier Aquarium, a non-profit marine education center located at The Pier in St. Petersburg.  The aquarium was a collaborative venture between USF Marine Science, the City of St. Petersburg and other members of the research community.  Here Kathy learned about exhibit design, renovating on a dime and creative approaches to problem solving.  Kathy believes in collaborating with clients to create spaces that are a reflection of the people who live in them.

Kathy is the owner of The Balanced Room and a Certified Visual Coordinator.


What is Visual Coordination?

The philosophy behind Visual Coordination is rearranging the furniture, art and accessories that the  homeowner already owns in the space first. Then determining if anything, needs to be added to complete the look of the room.  Kathy’s greatest reward is seeing people delighted to find their "old" pieces take on new life when they are placed properly in the space.

Maria Gomes

     Many people know Maria Gomes when she and husband, Herb, owned Consign Dezigns in Valrico.  Shoppers loved stopping by the store to see what was new and how Maria had chosen to present it.  She designed vignettes using the furniture, art and accessories that her clients brought for consignment. Imagine creating beautiful spaces that inspire people to want to take it all home with them.  Then, think about having to do it all over the next day.  It is one thing to select exactly what you want want to make a space come to life, it is quite different to use only what someone has decided to part with.  Customers often wanted to bring Maria home along with their purchases to give them guidance about how to design their rooms.

As a military spouse, being a family on the move inspired in Maria a love for weeding out, editing and organizing her home.  She viewed moving as a challenge to lighten their load and take only what was needed and loved.  Soon friends and family recognized her organization skills and recruited her to help with their projects.

Maria joined The Balanced Room in 2013 and now has the freedom to work her magic in spaces that have lasting appeal.  She brings years of experience in visual merchandising, furniture consignment and a bit of an obsession about organizing functional spaces.

Part of the design process at The Balanced Room involves sorting through what you have to determine what is still relevant to your design vision and what you may want to let go.  Her experience with upscale consignment enables her to quickly determine what to keep, consign and donate.  In addition, she offers a gentle and affordable approach to storage solutions and closet organization that results in sensible, functional spaces.